ShamezShamez Walji 

Shamez is addicted to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity.  Currently, he is obtaining his degree in Nano and Functional Materials at the University of Alberta.  He has worked on many million dollar projects as an intern with AltaSteel and Canadian Natural Resources Limited.    Not afraid of getting into the trenches he is often seeing “touching the steel” and getting his hands on various projects even researching the effect of nano-particles on the mechanical characteristics of an aluminum coating.  A hacker by heart, Shamez works to optimize his health and wellness – even going as far as purchasing a heart rate monitor to optimize his heart rate.  

SimbaSimba Nyazika   

Passionate about people, health, and technology, Simba believes with the right tools we can all realize our full potential and live a happy and healthy life. Simba loves spending his time looking through research articles, reading books and meditating. He completed Bachelor of Science with a double major in Biology and Psychology, and an honors after degree in Neuroscience. Simba has done extensive neuroscience literature reviews and completed an individual research project on attention and human performance. His knowledge and perspective enables us to re-look at how cognitive training has evolved and inspires us to push the boundaries of cognitive performance. Simba is also an avid cyclist having cycled across 5 countries and a competitive ballroom dancer.

Aaron Clifford


Calvin Wu


Chavdar Koev

Business Intern (MBA)

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